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RootIO Sound System


RootIO is a civic media platform and research project that was developed in the context of rural farming communities in Uganda. The project draws on earlier work in Civic Media focused around the design of public goods and information services for communities rather than individuals.

I first conceived the idea for RootIO after the earthquake in Haiti, when FM radio proved the most reliable and widespread means of communication after power and phone networks were rendered largely useless. Together with Jude Mukundane, I developed the first prototypes, based on research in relatively low literacy, low income rural areas with little access to ICTs. Unlike many “development” projects, RootIO focuses on local peer production rather than top-down “behavior change” messaging. While RootIO’s roots lie in the Caribbean and Africa, the platform is appropriate for any community. It is currently being deployed in Ireland, in two communities in Romania, and in three in Portugal, in addition to ten in Uganda and four in Cabo Verde.

Selected Papers:

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